Friday, April 17, 2009

Feel Good Friday…

There is nothing better than a compliment of your child. And I got one this morning that totally made my Friday!

When I dropped Jack off at daycare this morning, his teacher couldn’t say enough good things about him! She said he’s such a big boy, and he’s so good…he’s such a good eater and plays well with all his friends…he loves to play with his cars and go, “Vroom-vroom!” (especially his special yellow one)…he learns so well and he’s just doing wonderfully in the “Big Boy Room”! She said he’s such a good, big boy! (It's hard to have to leave him everyday, but I love his daycare...)

I obviously think he’s just the best thing in the whole wide world, but it’s nice to know that other’s think he’s pretty special as well.

I’m still beaming from these kind words! I'm so proud of my little man!

Here's an oldie of Jack and Nana..."Blow me a kiss!"

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