Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carey & Jason: Honeymoon 2009...

So as luck would have it, our new Mr. & Mrs. were scheduled to leave on Cinco de Mayo for Playa del Carmen, Mexico to celebrate the joy of marriage when out of nowhere: not a bird…not a plane…it’s: Mexican Swine Flu (what!?!?)

Boo! But, they’d rather be safe than sorry, so tentative plans are to postpone the trip. I mean, a honeymoon wouldn’t be enjoyable if they can’t partake in fun, fruity drinks while participating in corny pool games! (Isn’t that what a honeymoon is for?)

Carey and Jason, I propose a Mexican Fiesta ala Casa de Greffet! Margaritas y cervesas? Donde esta el bano? Y la biblioteca? En el nombre del padre y del hijo y del espiritu santo, amen…

(Those ramblings are about all I can remember from 4 years of Spanish in high school…beer, the bathroom, the library, and the sign of the cross...)

Hasta Luego!

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