Monday, April 27, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Ricks

Well, it’s official! Carey and Jason are happily married! They tied the knot…took the plunge…said “I do”…and now we can relax!

I was a gorgeous day and everyone enjoyed themselves. From the ceremony, to Lafayette Park for pictures, and finally the reception!

I haven’t had the time to get my pictures uploaded yet (call me a slacker, but I needed a whole day to recover from the “fun”… but I have a ton of details to share later). Good thing Jason’s sister, Kelli, is on the ball. So here’s our first look at Carey and Jason’s wedding!

Kelli, John, and Addi (Jason's sis, BIL, and niece)

Breakin' it down!

Jack was the best part of my night! During dinner, we took our turn on the dance floor...and he didn't want to leave! We danced and had the best time! What a little man!
Jack and Daddy: oh the look on Jack's face!

Congratulations, Carey and Jason! We love you so much.
(Check back for more updates on our happy couple!)


Angela said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I love the picture of Jim and Jack. I wonder what Jack was thinking! I am in a wedding in July and I think we are wearing the same bridesmaid dress.

Jen said...

Oh I know! Jack's like, "C'mon, Dad...let me get back out there with Mom!" So funny.

Keep the updates on Avery coming! Talk to you later!