Thursday, April 2, 2009

First school picture day!

Today is Jack’s very first school (daycare) picture day! I’m so excited…it’s a milestone. Last night I pulled out all of Jack’s “nice” clothes and debated on different outfits…this was worse than trying to pick out an outfit for myself! We decided on a nice red polo with navy and white stripes: it’s simple, yet handsome!

However, I do have a few concerns about this picture day:
1. Jack rarely comes home from school without food-stained face/clothes/hair. (Yes, hair…once Jack gets his hands all “yuckied” up, he likes to run his hands through his hair…just to give it that extra “Jack-style”!) So hopefully pictures are taken before lunch time!
2. Jack is a happy boy…but, he is not a “smile-on-command” type of boy! (Whenever we get pictures taken, it wears me out because I jump around, act goofy, and spend most of the time chasing Jack because he’s usually running away!) I have no false hope that this will be a stunning, smiling, picture (most school pictures aren’t anyway), but I hope he’s at least looking at the camera! We’ll see how this picture turns out.

I just had to take a picture of Mr. Jack sleeping this morning…he’s in his favorite position: booty in the air! It’s the hardest thing to wake up a baby who’s sleeping so peacefully: And here he is showing off his aforementioned “nice” clothes:
I asked Jack to “twirl around” for me, so we could get the full effect of his handsomeness (jk, he just didn’t want to play “model” anymore, so he was running away from me!): When I was doing dishes this morning, Jack just had to get in on the action and do his own chores! Here he is playing with his dishes: And I thought I would throw in some pictures of Jack’s eating habits (as discussed earlier). This night, Daddy decided to bring out the Oreo’s before Jack had finished his dinner! Needless-to-say, that was the end of dinner…when Jack sees a cookie, green beans are secondary!

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