Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today is a little Easter party at daycare, so Lila tried on her bunny ears...for about 3 seconds. Just long enough for me to gush over the cuteness! Please excuse the crappy cell phone pic and pile of laundry about to topple over on the chair!

Jack helped me make treat bags for his friends with a cute printable via eighteen25 (my new fav!).

And even though Jack sneaked a few marshmallows when I was (pretending) I wasn't looking...I think his friends will enjoy their Bunny Tails...

So much can change in 3 years...this was Jack's first Easter (2008) when he was 3 or 4 months old...

Seriously...this seems like forever ago...and yet it doesn't...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


“She’s cognitive” –Jim

Lila is a thinker…and observer…she’s content to sit outside on a nice day and examine the world…she follows passing cars with her eyes…she laughs in delight as her brother dances and plays with her…she is happy to just take it all in…she’s very much like Jim (low maintenance) and she even has his toes (thankfully)!

Her first word was Dada (same as Jack). I would have conversations with her,
Me: Mama
Lila: Dada
M: Mama
L: Dada
M: Mama
L: Dada

But she finally got it! She says Mama! Now we’re working on “Bro-ther” or “Ba-ba” (maybe?) or “Jack”…they’re all kind of hard words for a baby to say, so I wonder what she will call him…but one thing's for sure: she knows him. She knows her big brother, whether she can call his name or not, her face says it all.

Lila raises her hands above her head (sometimes) when we ask her, “How big is Lila? Soooo big!” Yes you are baby girl…so big!

Monday, April 18, 2011

sticky children...

Last weekend it was warm, and I didn’t want to do anything but sit outside and laze in the sun with the kids. The ice cream man made his inaugural visit of the year and Jack bought a Captain America popsicle because he thought it would give him super powers...or something. If it’s Superhero-related or pink…he wants it. Lila was interested in Daddy's popsicle... ...but didn't really love it... We all got sticky and sweaty and tired-out in the sun. I loved cleaning off sticky kids. There’s something about Jack looking all red-faced with his hair matted to his head, and cherry popsicle on his arms and head…it makes me anxious for endless days in the sun. PS: This weekend a chill came back to town and Jack was forced to wear his winter coat on Saturday, but then shorts and a t-shirt on Sunday…I’m ready for Mother Nature to decide that it can go ahead and be Spring for good…cause I’m over the cold!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

conversations with Jack

Jack collects trinkets, of sorts. He found a green pebble in the yard last weekend and carried it around all weekend. We spent lots of time retacing his steps when it was misplaced... He needs his “things”!

Yesterday when I picked him up, he ran over to me holding a wood chip from the playground:

J: Mommy, Mommy, look what I got for you!

M: Oh buddy I LOVE it…what is it?

J: It’s a DIAMOND (very emphatically), and when we get home, you can shape it into a necklace!

Note: Jack regularly brings home wood chips from school. Some days it’s a pretend piece of 'chewed' bubble gum (?!)...and some days, he just needs a wood chip...because you can never have too many wood chips...or diamonds.

Cadrinal day...

It's Cardinal day!

Jack went old school with a Jim Edmonds shirt...I told him it was one of Nani's favorites and he got even more excited. I even taught him the, "Duh duh duh duh du-dah! CHARGE!" We're working on it.

Lila also went old school with one of Jack's old get-ups. Too cute...seriously. Too. Cute.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It’s a sort of spirit week at Jack and Lila’s daycare…and today is wacky Tuesday. See wacky that he can't be bothered to stay still!

Jack and I had so much fun last night picking out his wacky outfit: he wore his AC/DC “tie” shirt, a plaid button up, and for good measure I threw some pink legwarmers on his arms and pink socks. (Not pictured: shorts, but they were def. worn to school!)

Jack said, “I’m like a superhero!”, which is his new favorite thing lately. And honestly, he did look like a superhero…he’s my superhero. Captain Wonky…Super Crazy-boy…Funny-man…The Joker. Yes…Jack the Joker!

Friday, April 8, 2011

wish i was here...

Today is a day I wish I was on a plane, heading to some place warm...with a pool...and no work...

flashbacks from May 2010

Thursday, April 7, 2011

scenes from our friday night

Jack is wild. Crazy, busy, wild. He's always on the move and has so many activities he "HAS" to do! So when we finished playing superheros last Friday (I'm pretty sure I 'lost' even though it wasn't really a win/loss-kinda game), I went to change into my home uniform (sweats) while Jim (unintentionally) napped on the couch and Jack picked up our game. When I came back, Jack made himself nice and comfy snuggled up to his daddy...and the very heavy sleeper never knew the difference...

How endearing. Whether we're unaware or fully's all the same to our children: we are pillows and wrestling partners and best friends and snuggle buddies...awake or asleep, it's all the same to them.

smile for the camera...

Note for my memory book, since #1 I’m terrible at remembering things and #2 I don’t actually HAVE a memory book: the teeth actually appeared on March 19. Just before her 8 month birthday. Her two bottom teeth are through…and she didn’t complain too much about it. She’s seriously so complacent…she gets that from her father FOR SURE. She’s so easy going and happy…in daycare, when the other babies are crying for attention and fussing, Lila just sits by happily and plays with her toys (so I’m told). Go with the flow, Baby girl... I also received the complement, "She just looks so clean!"...which was totally hilarious because it had been 4 days since her last bath! With our busy schedules, we're always rushing around to get our daily "To Do's", if we skip a bath now and then in exchange for some extra play/cuddle time...I'm good with that.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Liley on a bench

Last week we had a family photo shoot session with Mckmama, and though it will be a while before we get the full run of photos, we got a sneek peak with this gem of Liley...I'm IN LOVE...with this picture...with this bench (is that wierd?!)...with this girl...with her love.


she couldn't be cuter: wearing her brother's old pj's...with her little butt propped up in the air...peaceful and dreaming...

Monday, April 4, 2011


At our usual Friday night family dinner, Jack ran into one of his best friends from daycare. It was a thrill to see Jack play with his little friend in their element…they enjoyed one another so much and it made me so happy to see them hug and play and be carefree kids! I saw my baby boy as a big kid, running and playing with his friend…not needing Mom to hold his hand and watch his every move…and as sad as it was to realize how grown up he has become, I was also filled with pride watching my little wild man…he makes me so damn proud!