Thursday, April 30, 2009


So here's some of the details of Carey & Jason's day....

Mrs. Ricks:

One of my fav. details: "I Do" in blue rhinestones on the bottom of her pink wedding shoes! So cute! (That's just totally Carey!)
I custom ordered Carey a "Bouquet Charm" on Etsy from Gems by Em. Love it! She wore it as a necklace to the rehearsal and then it was pinned to her bouquet:

Carey made the guestbook herself on Snapfish by compiling pictures of her and Jason...good job!

The cake: simple and sweet (so I'm told...I didn't have the pleasure of tasting it!)

The Candy Bar! Decked out with various pink, red, white, and black candy. It was a hit, and looked smashing with all of the different vases, candles, lights, and ribbons...

In the bathroom we were prepared for anything...flip flops for the guests, and anything a girl could need in a wedding emergency: a sewing kit, hairspray, mouthwash, perfume, deodorant...always thinking ahead!
Here's the poem made for the flip the card stock!
And for the "toiletries"....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carey & Jason: Honeymoon 2009...

So as luck would have it, our new Mr. & Mrs. were scheduled to leave on Cinco de Mayo for Playa del Carmen, Mexico to celebrate the joy of marriage when out of nowhere: not a bird…not a plane…it’s: Mexican Swine Flu (what!?!?)

Boo! But, they’d rather be safe than sorry, so tentative plans are to postpone the trip. I mean, a honeymoon wouldn’t be enjoyable if they can’t partake in fun, fruity drinks while participating in corny pool games! (Isn’t that what a honeymoon is for?)

Carey and Jason, I propose a Mexican Fiesta ala Casa de Greffet! Margaritas y cervesas? Donde esta el bano? Y la biblioteca? En el nombre del padre y del hijo y del espiritu santo, amen…

(Those ramblings are about all I can remember from 4 years of Spanish in high school…beer, the bathroom, the library, and the sign of the cross...)

Hasta Luego!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Ricks

Well, it’s official! Carey and Jason are happily married! They tied the knot…took the plunge…said “I do”…and now we can relax!

I was a gorgeous day and everyone enjoyed themselves. From the ceremony, to Lafayette Park for pictures, and finally the reception!

I haven’t had the time to get my pictures uploaded yet (call me a slacker, but I needed a whole day to recover from the “fun”… but I have a ton of details to share later). Good thing Jason’s sister, Kelli, is on the ball. So here’s our first look at Carey and Jason’s wedding!

Kelli, John, and Addi (Jason's sis, BIL, and niece)

Breakin' it down!

Jack was the best part of my night! During dinner, we took our turn on the dance floor...and he didn't want to leave! We danced and had the best time! What a little man!
Jack and Daddy: oh the look on Jack's face!

Congratulations, Carey and Jason! We love you so much.
(Check back for more updates on our happy couple!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mark's 50th

This past Saturday we celebrated my FILs 50th Birthday with a surprise party! It was a lot of fun…good times, family, friends…
Mark came in town to “help with the house”, and not knowing about his surprise party on Saturday night (of course), he signed up to run a FULL MARATHON on Sunday morning, 7 a.m.!
We had our doubts that after the party he would actually get up and run 26 miles (in the rain, mind you!), but he pulled through, and ran the full marathon on his 50th Birthday. Congratulations, Mark!

Here’s a few pictures of the decorations. Jennie and Joanie (my SILs) made these adorable bags with pictures of Mark throughout the years…cute idea!

"Proud to be a Grandpa!"

And the cake, decorated like an AARP card:
Here’s a picture of “The Greffet Brothers”
And then here’s me, Care, and Mom: “The Girls”!
And me, Care, and Dad…(very bright, Pops!)
And finally, Carey and Jason…soon to be “Mr. & Mrs.”…(4/25/09). I’m sure I will have an exciting post from this upcoming weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm a winner!

So I never win anything...ever. But it is my lucky day because I just found out that I won a photography session with Blue Prints Photography! Oh, but there's a hitch...she's based in Denver! It's okay, I knew that when I entered, so I figured if I won (which would be like a one-in-a-million shot) I could gift the session to family friends.

Although I would love to have more pictures of our Jack-Jack (I think I'd make wallpaper of him if I could), it does feel good knowing that someone else will be able to enjoy the session. Happy day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Feel Good Friday…

There is nothing better than a compliment of your child. And I got one this morning that totally made my Friday!

When I dropped Jack off at daycare this morning, his teacher couldn’t say enough good things about him! She said he’s such a big boy, and he’s so good…he’s such a good eater and plays well with all his friends…he loves to play with his cars and go, “Vroom-vroom!” (especially his special yellow one)…he learns so well and he’s just doing wonderfully in the “Big Boy Room”! She said he’s such a good, big boy! (It's hard to have to leave him everyday, but I love his daycare...)

I obviously think he’s just the best thing in the whole wide world, but it’s nice to know that other’s think he’s pretty special as well.

I’m still beaming from these kind words! I'm so proud of my little man!

Here's an oldie of Jack and Nana..."Blow me a kiss!"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Magical Dishwasher...

So Jack has discovered that our dishwasher is magical! When he looks into it, he sees a lovely reflection of himself! It’s adorable. He spent quite a bit of time looking at himself, and even gave himself plenty of kisses! (Now he understands why we always want to kiss hims [sic] little face!) Note: we commonly refer to Jack as hims…trust me, it makes sense when said in a baby voice!

I was snapping pictures, and was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my results and found this gem. Look closely at the picture…I caught Jack’s reflection in the dishwasher! Love it! I just don’t know how to display it properly to show my accidental artistry.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Little Artist...

Jack came home from daycare yesterday with his first finger painting! I love it! (I'm even more impressed that he didn't come home with any paint on himself!)

His daily report also said, "Jack is a terrific eater!"...takes after his Mama!