Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Fav. Fonts...

So I stumbled upon this AMAZING website: Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas! Here you can turn your own handwriting into a downloadable font...for FREE! I'm so excited. I don't (by any means) have cute handwriting. Just ask Carey...I scribble, or write like a man, or like I'm smart (she says smart people have crappy handwriting?!?)!
BUT, they have tons of adorable fonts that you can download to your computer. My favorites are: Pea Summer Funkyness and Pea Stacy's New Doodles! You should totally check it out, and it's easy to download, but here's the "How To" if you need it!
Have fun being creative!

FYI: Kevin & Amanda's blog is listed in my favs to the right...I haven't fully explored it yet, but I think I'll be getting some fun ideas!

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laura said...

i am a font FREAK! awesome find.