Monday, June 4, 2012

jack, naps are good for you…i promise.


Jack doesn’t take naps on the weekends. We’d prefer he did…but he’d prefer he didn’t and apparently he has stronger will than we do.

The one and ONLY plus side to Jack’s refusal to nap is that he is sound asleep by 6:30 pm (and there’s no back-and-forth “…but I need one more drink…but I need you to cover me up…but I’m not tiiiired.”). Other than that: he is crabby, tired, irritable…everything you’d expect from someone who has been going full throttle for 12+ hours straight.

But yesterday, as if by some miracle, Jack napped. A good, quiet, 2 hour nap that left us to spend a rare weekend evening with the happy, playful little guy we know.

In the car, Jack insisted on making 500 funny faces and having me take his picture each time. He makes me laugh.

Photo Jun 04, 8 24 17 AM

Photo Jun 04, 8 24 31 AM

Photo Jun 04, 8 25 12 AM

Photo Jun 04, 8 25 29 AM

Photo Jun 04, 8 25 49 AM

Photo Jun 04, 8 28 09 AM

Moral or the story: life is better when people take naps.