Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy, busy weekend!

So it was a full Easter weekend! Where do I start?

I guess we’ll start with Friday night: Cardinals game Champions Club-style!

One of our family Christmas presents was tickets to the Cardinals game in the Champions club! It was awesome! Complete with a full buffet, all the food and drinks you could want, and an amazing view of a winning game…and did I mention we got Cardinals calendars?!?! I was a great night! Here’s a few pictures:

Me and Care:

Me and Mommer"
Me and Jimbo: Margaritas anyone?!

And here's the future BIL, Jason (11 days til the wedding!). I promise he's normal (compared to our family standards). Here's how he looks when he's not making crazy "stalky" faces at my sister through the window: normal Jason. (Between you and me, I think it was the Jack and Cokes!)
Saturday: Housework & Fried Twinkies?!

Saturday was full of housework and Lowe’s trips: b-o-r-i-n-g! But Saturday night we had a family outing! We live close to a snow cone stand! YUM! I’ve gone to this place since I was a kid, and now we live close enough to walk! This will definitely be our summer hot spot! Jack partook in his first snow cone...but his real love…a fried Twinkie! (I know I’m a bad mom for letting him even try this...I even think I'm a bad wife for letting my husband buy this!)
Jim asked the cashier if the fried Twinkie was good, ‘cause it sounded unhealthy…she said, “Actually yes…and they’re Low Fat Twinkies!!!!!” So worth it!
Here's Jim and Jack in his car-car!
And Jim enticing Jack with the fried Twinkie. (For the record, I told Jim one bite was enough...but he didn't listen!):

And did I mention that Jack was in his PJs for this outing? Oh, yes! Here's our little vagabond-boy, running around with his blankie, rockin' the PJs and tennis shoes!

Easter Sunday:

And then it was Easter Sunday! Jack was the hit at church (besides the rising of Jesus, of course!). He had the most adorable outfit on, and even though Jim said he looked like something out of The Sound of Music, he was so cute!
I tried my hardest, but couldn't get a picture of Jack straight on (I think he just didn't want evidence for his teenage years!). So this is the best I could do:
And later he changed out of his church clothes, so he was much more comfortable and willing to pose for me:
And I snapped this one of Papa and Jack! So cute! Notice how Jack is balancing on his feet flat...so athletic! (You try it!)

More to come later...


Angela said...

Snowcone outings are my favorite! I don't think ours opens up until Memorial Day. I love the Easter outfit. Such a handsome little man.

Kim said...

My gosh is Jack adorable. I love his little Sound of Music outfit. Oh and I laughed out loud at stalker Jason. Definitely not his most flattering pic... :)