Friday, February 25, 2011

a story in pictures (and few words)

"Oh hey, Mommy...I'm just minding my own business, all happy-like...ya know: life is great!"

"Oh hey look, my brother...what's he up to? And WTH are his pants!?"
and love...
The end.
PS: As a family we all talk to Lila as if she can respond. Often, I say, "How are you baby girl?" and Jack chimes in (in a high-pitched voice) and says, "I'm good." and then proceeds to say (in his own voice), "Mommy, who talked?!" He kills me!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hip-hop. Blip-blop.

Last night after reading books, Jack asked me if I wanted to play a game called, “Blip-blop Hip-hop.” I asked what it was and he told me it was kind of like Duck-Duck-Goose but not really…I think he just made it up on the spot.

Basically. We just chased each other around his room in a circle…and both laughed hysterically the whole time. There was just something about running and running and getting dizzy and falling over in a room (that is probably 11ft x12ft) that was so much fun. I had to stop to take a break because I was getting so dizzy, and Jack said, “Yeah, I need to take a rest too…” (3 seconds later) “You ready, Mommy?!”

Bath time...together

For the past few nights I've let Lila play in the bathtub with Jack…I hold her and she just kicks her feet…she flails and splashes and accidentally kicks Jack in the pee-wee…luckily, her legs aren’t that strong yet!

Jack has so much fun when Lila comes to play with him, and I LOVE that he loves her so much...(even though he "accidentally" squirted her in the face with his water gun..."No Mommy, it was an accident." Luckily, Lila has a pretty easy-going disposition and just kicked him in the pee-wee again...JK.)

I yelled for Jim to run in with the camera, but my memory card was “stored” away (aka: in the bottom of my purse), so these cell phone pictures will have to do as the first ever pics of my little kiddos taking a bath together :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lila: 6 months...

Lila had her 6 month checkup and just typing that is a kind of punch to the stomach. 6 months? When did that happen? Half a year…really? She’s so beautiful and loving and sweet. I am so so proud of my little girl.

She weighs 16 pounds 12 ounces (75th percentile) and she’s 27 inches long (80th percentile). She received 4 shots and actually handled it better than her big brother’s 1 shot (but don’t tell him…he tried his best to be brave! Plus Lila has unawareness on her side, whereas Jack can see it coming!)
The Dr gave her the okay to eat just about anything…or at least try it. She’s been interested in grown up (table) food lately so I finally gave her some mini-baby pieces of bread last night. In all honesty, the pieces were so small that she probably didn’t even notice them, but it’s a start. I’m also experimenting with making my own food for her (more on that later)
She’s sleeping through the night and waking up so damn smiley and happy. I just want to kiss her face all morning, but after a while she asks me to stop and FINALLY feed her…then I can go back to love-attacking her! (PS: LOVE this hat! The pic cracks me up, but it's a million percent adorable in person!)
Lila really is such a happy baby. She’s got her daily routine down pat and life is getting easier (until she get’s mobile and then we’ll be back on a learning curve!)

Happy, happy half year birthday to my 6 month old girl! Slow down, sister!

Monday, February 7, 2011


…he’s my best friend.

He has the same morning disposition as his dad, let’s just say they’re not “morning people”, which means he’s pretty much all mine in the mornings because I baby him…I will baby him as long as he lets me.
He calls his sister “Sweetie-girl” and “Girlfriend” in the softest, loving voice…he most-always happily obliges when I ask him to “hopscotch” towards Lila to make her laugh…
His favorite colors are pink and purple…coincidently, so are mine.

He loves the “Ariel Song” in Little Mermaid and can sing the whole thing: beginning to end.

At night, he calls me into his room every 5 minutes before he falls asleep, because he needs to make sure I’m “checking on him”.

When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he calls me and I reassure him everything’s okay and that he cannot wake up yet, because, “4:30 is the middle of the night and we have at least 1 more hour of sleep before morning”.

He loves to brush his teeth and cannot do so without leaving a white drool-stain down the front of his shirt…and his chin…and pretty much all over his face.
He hides (in the same spot) whenever someone comes through the door. He loves to surprise people and I love to watch him pop up with a huge grin when I’ve given up on finding him!

He has a major sweet tooth and would rather have a snack in the morning than a real breakfast. I don’t let him have a “snack”, even though I’m pretty sure the mini muffins I feed him are not any more nutritionally sound than a cupcake.
He’s adventurous and wild. He loves to run and will do so until he’s made to stop. (LOL: Christmas card outtake!)
His loves to wrestle with his Daddy. Even when he is bounced off the bed onto the hard wood floor, he cannot wait to get up and do it all over. He’s tough when he needs to be…but will readily convince me that the red marker on his hand is “bleed” and that a Dora band aid makes it feel better…He loves his blue blankie, and can’t sleep without it, his cup of cold water, and without the line of cars and toys on his windowsill…which grows by the day.

I often find myself saying to him, “Stop playing around”…and I think to myself, “Just let him play…he’s only 3 once…he’s just a little boy.”

We read books every night, and recently, when I finished up by saying, “…and they lived happily ever after.” he said, “Hey, just like we did!”
Yes, we most certainly did, Jack.