Friday, March 6, 2009

Carey and Jason's Wedding Shower

So last Saturday was Carey and Jason's first (of many) wedding showers. This one was given by the bridal party at Llewellyn's in Webster. It was so much fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves from the food to dancing (and Jim even managed to have fun with Golden Tee and basketball...and of course he was out there cutting a rug!) So here's a few pictures of the party:
Here is the happy couple, Carey and Jason:
And here is Carey and Jen Grana (isn't Jen's hair super shiny! Pureology! Yours is pretty too, Carey!)

Here's me and Care: And a pic of Carey, Jason, and the bridesmaids (minus Jason's sister, Kelli, who was out of town): Carey and Dad:Me and Dad:
Me and Jim:
Jim shooting hoops...he was really into the whole "shower" thing!Jason, Carey, me, and Jim...celebrating with a beverage! Go marriage!

As you can see, we all enjoyed ourselves. Now we are counting down the days to the REAL festivities...this is all just a "warm-up"!

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