Sunday, December 26, 2010

'twas a merry christmas

I'm blogging from my TV...WHA?!?! Santa brought me the family google TV, which allows me to access the internet from the comfort of my living room (we were strictly desktop prior to this). I'm be-yond excited and overwhelmed at this's just been a lot of playing around so far.

I can blog, access our regular tv, play games (addicted!), read children's books, access local radio and pandora, picassa, youtube, and who knows what else...I'm pretty sure I can even upload pictures via usb through this fancy new gadget so running downstairs to hop on the old computer will be virtually void (save for my photoshop). Now Jim can keep up with his fantasy sports while watching the games live...OH and my tv remote is out now because I can access every function though the keyboard!!! Amazeballs.

Thank you, Santa. And sorry I was so crabby during the setup function...I was close to throwing the whole thing out the window...but I can see now I'm becoming addicted...

Jack and Lila had a wonderfully exciting Christmas as well and I can't wait to share all about it. Until then, I'm back to drowning in information overload...and loving every minute of it!

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