Friday, December 3, 2010

Lila eats cereal & I catch-up (kinda)

It's not Frosted Flakes, (even though Jack thinks it is) but she's 4 months now and moving on to big girl foods after we got the okay from her Dr! I'm surprised how well she's doing with the whole "spoon/food" concept so early. We've been feeding her rice cereal once a day for a week and she's already starting to attack the spoon! Check her out...
In other Lila news, she had her 4 month checkup. She's 14.6 pounds (75th percentile for weight) and 90th percentile for height! He projects she'll be about 5'8"! My growing little girl! I guess that's why she's been in 6 month sleepers since she was 3 months old! My little girl with long legs!

On the Jack front, he's really getting vamped up for Christmas and his 3rd birthday this year! I think I'm getting even more excited for Santa to visit my little guy 'cause I have an inkling that he's going to have a super day! He came along on a visit to the dentist (to prepare for his first visit so he's not scared of the good ole teeth Dr) and he loved it! He even got to "take pictures of my teeth" as they let him push the button for my x-rays (Jack, keep wanting to learn...learn all you can...whether you become a dentist or a fireman or a mail man or whatever you want...learn it all!) Now he wants to brush his like 5 times a day, which we're happy to oblige.

I got a pocket video recorder so hopefully it will make capturing special, impromptu moments easier without having to whip out our handheld. I tested it out with Jack last night, and as you can tell, he was pretty tired and not in the mood. He kept saying, "It's too early", meaning he was tired, but I'm a mean mom and made him attempt to perform just so I could test out my new gadget...sorry Jack buddy!

I've been a terrible blogger lately...I blame the time of year...but I'll post a ton of pictures soon. Whew!

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