Wednesday, December 15, 2010

snow day!

Last weekend we got our first real snow of the season! When I woke up to feed Lila at 3:45 am, I looked out the window and was so excited I could hardly fall back to sleep!
Jack was just as excited, but to tide over his excitement I scooped him a bowl of snow to nibble on (gross?) until we could get all geared up for the frigid temps!
We had a blast: we made snow angels, threw snowballs at Daddy while shoveled the driveway, pushed our dump truck through the snow, used the trash can lid as a makeshift sled :), and took the occasional break in the garage to get some relief from the wind!

I love this weather in short spurts, but I can't handle it for long periods of time...I'm just about ready for spring...

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