Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A boy after my own heart

Preface: when Jack eats, if he says he’s done I tell him to show me his belly so I can see if it’s big enough to be full: “Oh, that’s a nice big tummy!” I tell him when he’s eaten his food all gone.

Last night after I was done eating dinner Jack said, “Mommy, let me see your tummy” so I obliged and he said, “You’re tummy’s not big, Mommy! You’re not done.” Best compliment I’ve received in as long as I can remember...especially coming from a little boy who truly, honestly tells it like it is…one night we went out to eat and the waiter had curly, reddish hair and he said, “Mommy, look: a clown!"

On an unrelated note, I love these pictures...

Especially this one, which makes me laugh out loud! It looks like Lila is yelling at Jack and he's happily oblivious to her! (Must be a thing with boys in this family ignoring us girls when we're talking!!!) :-)

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