Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Build-in Best Friends.

I've been trying to get Lila to reach for me...so has Jim...so has Nani, and CC and everyone. But there's only one person she reaches for...her big brother, Jack.

She just loves him to pieces. It's so apparent in her face...whenever she sees him, she lights up! I love, love, love it. One of her favorite things is to lay on the bed while Jack jumps up and yells, "I. Am. SPIDERMAN!" She cracks up and I love that they already have this connection...

She gets SO excited to see him and waves her hands and cannot wait to be kissed/smelled/hugged/"carried" by her big brother.

This year will be great because they will grow together as siblings...it makes me so happy that they have eachother.
Built-in Best Friends.

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CC said...

I kinda know what that is like! :D
Love you sis