Monday, August 3, 2009


We're back from our family vaca to Table Rock lake/Branson! It was a fun week, filled with plenty of pool time and it's hard to be back! But, good news is, we (I) took roughly 600 (++) pictures and had a blast:

• POOL (Jack was a brave boy by the end of the week, and he even got into the deep end with me for about 45 seconds!)
• Boats (Little Mister loved to look at them, just don't try to put him on one!)
• The Lake (Actually, throwing rocks into the lake was the most fun ever)
• Trucks! (Since most people drive trucks/SUVs to the lake, Jack loved to point out the trucks everywhere we went...what can I say, the boy loves all things that go!)
• Silver Dollar City (Mom and Jim rode the rides...the rest of us, explored!)
• Cheezy "Olde Time" photos (in Branson, you have to do the cheezy memory-stuff!)

On a "Just-Jack" note, he's become so inquisitive! Everything he sees, he points to and says, "Wha-dat?" I love it!

NOTE: Overload of pictures to come soon...(like serious overload!)

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