Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do you photoshop?!

If you do, you must, must, must go to Pioneer Woman's site and download her *updated* Actions Set 1 and 2.

Being a total Photoshop novice with little time on her hands to learn/experiment/play with photo editing, these actions are an awesome way I can edit photos beautifully with minimal time and effort. I will be the first to admit, that actions are like "training wheels": all the results with minimal effort...but ya gotta start somewhere!

Here's what her ahhh-mazing actions can do (click to enlarge):
2. Seventies + Boost
3. Vintage (50%) + Boost
4. Soft and Faded
5. Colorized
6. Old West + Boost + Slight Lighten
7. Lovely and Ethereal
8. Heartland
9. BW Beauty

Don't you love?!?! Check out how I've used my favorites in the past: Soft and Faded (for outdoor pics), Heartland, and Colorized.

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