Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trying to be crafty...

A while ago, while cruising one of my favorite design sites, design*sponge, I found this awesome little DIY project and saved it for another day.

Well, that "another day" happened to be my Mom's birthday...and so I put on my wanna-be-crafter hat and got to work. I pretty much followed the directions exactly, except I hand wrote my letters, and her drilled* holes are a lot cleaner, and I used a blank piece of wood and painted it with acrylics.

*Note: when drilling holes, make sure the drill is in the "forward" position instead of the "reverse" position! This can cause major frustration until someone (oh, let's just say your husband) notices that it shouldn't take a steel drill bit to make holes in this 1+ inch piece of wood (unless it was like, Kryptonite wood) and corrects the amateur error! :)

Here's the result:

I kinda love it! Now my mind is spinning with all sorts of fun new projects with this: different colors and words for each season/holiday, initials, much fun!

Speaking of's a picture from our vacation...these little, "love plants" (as I call them) lined the pool area we visited everyday (rain or shine). I just adore how they are perfect little hearts...

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