Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Weddings, a Fountain, and a Broken SLR

What-a-weekend! Here are a few highlights (in order of occurrence)

1. My SLR stopped working (gasp!)...but thankfully, it is under warranty so it is at the SLR Doctor for 3 weeks (prepare yourself for some sad point-and-shoot pictures).

2. My oldie (but bestie) Michelle got married! ~w00t~

3. I fell in a fountain in my bridesmaid dress. (fail!) And YES it was as hilarious as it sounds...and NO it is not on YouTube!

4. We had a gradeschool reunion of sorts...(which lead us to wonder when we all grew up!)
5. Another wedding! Jim's Uncle John and Jennifer...there are officially 3 Jennifer Greffet's (can the world handle it?!)
6. My legs are still sore from #3, and I still lol when I think about it!
Pictures to come. Maybe some fountain ones...maybe!

1 comment:

Angela said...

You can't tease us and then not post pictures of the fountain incident! You MUST post them!!