Monday, August 17, 2009

Dresser Makeover

So, this weekend I got the urge to attempt being crafty (once again!) and decided to give our (my) bedroom furniture a makeover! (I say "my" because I got this bedroom set in grade school! I so remember having a volleyball game at St. Justin's and showing off the brochure for my sweet furniture-to-be!) The furniture has definitely withstood the test of time!

During the process of this project I concluded that:
#1: I HATE stenciling!
#2: I LOVE damask...(see blog background)
#3: Seriously, stenciling sucks!

The coolest part about my furniture is that the drawers come with interchangeable "faceplates" in 4 different colors: white, black, hunter green, and red. Through the years, I've gone with the basic wood (aka: no faceplate), white, and black.

I wanted to spruce things up and being so indecisive, I thought this is a perfect way to try something new (and not permanent!). So I sprayed the red plate ivory, stenciled a damask design around the drawer pulls, and...voila: a whole new dresser!

So now, I need to find some cute, inexpensive drawer pulls (25 to be exact!) I'm thinking either green, clear, or something fun! Ideas?!?!

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