Friday, July 24, 2009

He's such a big boy!

Last night, in the interest of safety (see this post), we decided it was time to convert Jack's crib to a "Big-boy Toddler Bed"...and he loved it!

He loved jumping in his new bed...

...climbing out...

more jumping...(and making the face like, "I know I'm not supposed to be doing this!")

And testing out his new digs...
Night-night, Baby!

And I couldn't be prouder that he stayed in his big-boy bed all night long! No falling "escaping" to play with his waking up for a midnight play-date!
He did, however, manage to make a 180° flip and end up with his head at the other end...(Please notice the excessive amount of pillows and blankets next to his crib, in case of an accident! Even though his bed is a whole 5 inches off the can never be too careful!)
And he just had to cover his head when it was time to get up...(either that, or my incessant camera flashing was too much for 6am!!)

He's just growing up so fast: sleeping in his new bed (and I'm sure we will have some stories from our little escape artist to come), going potty on the big-boy potty (Aunt CC has pictures of this...I swear, right Care!), singing, talking, running, (definetly NOT throwing tantrums...not my Jack!)...what a big boy!
Next thing you know, he'll be driving and bringing home his first girlfriend...I think I have about 20 years until I have to worry about that, right?!!?

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