Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michelle and Tom (and Lucy!)

Before I get to the wedding pics, I just had to share pictures of Michelle and Tom's daughter, Lucy. She is so (so, so) cute and sweet! I think she and Jack will make great friends one day...

Too much cuteness for one post! But there's more...here comes the bride!

As I was looking through my pictures, I realized that I didn't have a single one of the bride and groom together! But they make the perfect couple! Don't you think?!
I think a good sense of humor makes for a happy marriage!

And finally, here's me and my Miche! We've been friends since 3rd grade (and then through high school and college!). I'll have to dig through my old pictures and make a "throwback" post of way back when!
Have I mentioned that I love weddings?! ('Cause I DO!)

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