Sunday, October 30, 2011

A letter to Lila...


I know you won’t be able to understand what’s going on around here this next week, and why Mommy isn’t there to hold and hug and kiss and laugh with you. I’m sorry for that. But I have to go away for a little while to do some work.
I know you may feel sad and scared that you can’t see me every day, and believe me, it will be scary and sad for me too. But in the big picture of our lives, it’s not that long of a time. We will be back to playing with each other before we know it.
While I’m gone, eat your food real good, and try not to get too much in your hair because I don’t know if Daddy is going to give you a bath every day. Try sleeping in a little bit, because our days are always happier when we get a good night’s rest and have sweet dreams. Daddy may have you wear mis-matched clothes, and that’s fine too…as long as you’re not naked, that’s the important part!
Smile a lot while I’m gone, and let Daddy take funny pictures and videos of you to send to me. It will make me so happy to see you! I’m going to miss your pretty little face so much it will hurt!
Hug your brother a lot, because he might need some extra love from you. You’re good at giving lots of love and smiles…it’s your gift to us all.

Do me a favor while I’m gone: don’t reach any monumental milestones: like tying your shoes or getting your first haircut (DO NOT LET DADDY CUT IT…he wants to give you bangs, for some unknown reason…don’t let him!) or getting your ears pierced or finally getting the hang of the ABC song…I need to be there for all those things so you just hold off a few days so I can be there!
I’ll be thinking about you all the time. And when I call to talk to you, remember that Daddy’s phone isn’t food, so don’t try to eat it! I love you to bits and pieces, my pretty, happy baby girl.

Love always,


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