Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shanghai prep.

I will be traveling to Shanghai at the end of the month for my new job. And while I'm stressing about leaving Jim and the kids for a whole week (the longest time I've ever been away from my fav people!), I'm furiously preparing. Fodor's Travel tips is a great resource, and gets me crazy excited about the shopping opportunities ( Shanghai the center of the fashion universe!) but I have to slow myself down and remember that I will be there for business: to learn and meet and grow.

So as I search the net and download 500 aps to assist with my ventures, I try not to feel overwhelmed and nervous...but I'm failing. As I just noted in a post to my Jack, fear is what moves us forward, helps us to grow and here goes nothing...您好 (hello).

Ps: talk about nerves...according to Fodor's, "...the Shanghainese dress to impress." This is probably an irrational thought to make me nervous, but still...

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