Sunday, October 30, 2011

A letter to Jack...

I’m going away for a little while. I have to go to work in a country called China. It’s a really far way away. It will take me 14 hours to get there on an airplane. That’s like 2 whole days of preschool.
I will miss you more than anything in the whole world. It’s going to be hard for me and you to be away from each other, because were best friends and we love each other so much. But it will be okay, because just like The Kissing Hand book, no matter how far apart we are, we will always be able to feel each other’s love.
If you ever miss me or feel sad, you just put your hand up to your cheek and think, “Mommy love me.” And my kiss will jump right into your heart and you will feel my love.

I’m going to call whenever I can. Since I’m so far away, when it’s night time where you are, it will be daytime where I am (think about that!). So it might be hard to get in touch, but I always will.
Every night, tell Daddy you want to send me an email. You tell him all about your day: the best things that happened, the funniest, the silliest, what you ate, who you played with…and Daddy will write it down and send it in a letter to me so I can read it. And make sure you send me songs and pictures of yourself too.
I will send letters back to you so you can read them and hear all about my day, so it will be like we are talking to each other!
Jack, I need you to be a big boy and do me a favor while I’m gone. I need you to be on your best behavior for Daddy. Listen to him and be the good boy I know you are. Also, help Daddy take care of Liley. You’re such a good big brother and she loves you so much: you’re the best at making her laugh and smile, so I need you to do that a lot while I’m away. (It would make me the happiest if you would do that for her forever because you two are best friends and that’s what best friends do!)
At night time, please do me a favor and sleep in my spot. My pillow will need someone to keep it company, and so will Daddy. So it’s your job to keep my spot cozy for me. If you miss me, hug my pillow and I will feel your hug from all the way across the world. I will hug my pillow extra tight so you can feel my love back at home, too.
I will be home before you know it, and things will be back to normal again. Until then, be good. I’m proud of you and I love you more than sunshine!
Love always,
PS: I recorded our prayer so we could still say it together…make sure Daddy plays that for you at nighttime.
PPS: I also might have left a present for you and Lila each day…cause you’re kinda like my favorites!

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