Friday, October 7, 2011

Mister cowboy

Jack, you rode a horse an the Greentree festival this year. It was quite the difference from your first horsey experience in KC, when you were terrified of the horse, and resigned to stay back and watch the rodeo with grandma.

It's like one day you got all brave and independent on me and I don't remember when that happened. Where was I when that happened? I hope I helped to make you that way.

You should always remember that you may be scared of something the first time you experience it, but it shouldn't stop you from trying it again. Most of the things we think are scary, aren't so scary once we take a closer look.

Ride the horses and take the chances and be brave and bold. You will always make me proud no matter what you do. Ride 'em cowboy...yeehaw.

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