Friday, July 2, 2010

Snapshots from vaca

A few snaps from our family trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson...

We made sure that Jack was tall enough to ride the rides, and he just got over that "NO RIDE" line to fall under the "Ride with an adult" category. Luckily, Jim will be able to ride with him for years to come, because pregnant or not...I just can't!

Here's Jack getting on his very first ride...

And taking a ride with Ava and Grandma on the jumping frogs

And note for future reference: this boat ride below...PROB not the best for little ones. Although I think I freaked out more than Jack did as it zoomed around and around (for like ever!) he was sure that he, "No like that one!"

But the best ride was the wagon, 'cause it meant Daddy or Pe-paw had to drag it up, down, under, over...and who doesn't want an extra workout on their vacation?!

Here's the one picture I managed to snap of Jim and I on vaca...

And now it's time for a mini-stay-cation for the long weekend! Here's to an extra day with the boys!

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