Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She takes after her dad...

So I’ve been feeling very frustrated that baby girl still isn’t here. I know it’s still 10 days from her due date, but it’s different this time.

Jack was 21 days early, and obviously I was not prepared for him to come. I don’t think anything can fully prepare you for your first child. So we didn’t have the car seat installed or bags packed…but looking back, it was nice that there was no period that I was stuck anxiously waiting for something to happen.

This time around, I’m prepared: mentally, physically…everything’s ready (except her name!). Every night I clean up the house as if we will have guests, and when I crawl into bed I think, “This could be the night…” and I practice saying the date in my head “7/27/10…7/28/10…”, but every morning I wake up and think, “DAMN! She still didn’t want to come yet.”

And I know I should be trying to enjoy the last few days of (somewhat uninterrupted) sleep, and downtime, and life as we know it now…but.I.can’t.

And then I think, she’s TOTALLY her father’s daughter! Jim isn’t a “rusher”…he’s more of a “dawdler”. He’s always asking me why I have to hurry through everything…and I’m always asking him why everything takes him soooo loooong… It’s the combination of our paces that make it work.

But for now, I will try to practice patience, and hope that she’s like her father in more ways too: his sense of humor, his attitude, his eyelashes and hair :-), his athleticism, his calm manner…

But honestly, I mean, there’s got to be part of me, in her, in me ;-) that is ready to get this show on the road, right!? :-) I need to find more flowers to make or something to keep me busy!

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