Friday, July 16, 2010

What I'll remember

Last night Jack woke up at 1:30 and wanted to come into our bed. (I usually don’t mind if Jim’s already gone to work, but 3 in a queen-sized gets a little cramped! Plus I’m trying to break the snuggle habit, although I’m not happy about it).

I brought him back to his room and he just wasn’t having it. So I sat in his bed and rocked him, and held him and walked around the room, and scratched his back when he needed me to…and I realized that I had forgotten about the nights of pacing his room back and forth and back and forth to get him back to sleep.

I must have walked the same path in his room a hundred times a week…but I have so easily forgotten about how hard and tiring it was. It’s funny how the most difficult times are the easiest to forget (although I say “hard times” loosely because he was an easy-going baby, I think…or maybe my memory is sugar-coating that fact too!)
Soon I’ll remember how hard it was, and how tired I was, and how stressful it can be (but most likely these will be multiplied with an addition to the equation)…but in the end, the best times are the ones I’ll remember.

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