Monday, July 19, 2010

Ready to meet my baby girl!

At 37 weeks and full term (boo ya!), we are finally ready for baby girl to arrive (any day now…according to the Dr, we’re progressing and things are on track)! And after this weekend, I think we’re really prepared (as much as you can be), so baby girl, come see us soon!

We had a childbirth “refresher” class (LAME. Do they ever update those videos?!), but we did get a quick tour of the maternity ward (Is it still called a “ward”? Seems like an outdated term.) We also made some final adjustments to the nursery, did some cleaning/organizing, and re-acquired our newborn baby-gear from my Mom's (plus some new gear from Mom and Care…love it!).

I’ll admit that I’m no good at these “maternity self-portraits”, but here’s a shot to show that I am ready to P-O-P! Obv I haven’t dropped yet, but I learned that when it’s your second+ pregnancy, you don’t drop until much later (like during labor)…interesting!

Oh and check out the sweet banner I scored for the nursery! Love it. I've been noticing this banner trend in nurseries lately, and was contemplating getting one from etsy, but I found this on clearance for $5 (Marshall's). Yeah for deals!

And here's my other obsession: the quilt (from etsy). Note: the pillow is just for decorative purposes, I know it's a major no-no in the crib for a newborn!) I think the room has come together quite nicely. And although there are a few more things I'd like to finish up, I'm happy knowing the room is livable.

So, note to daughter: We're all super excited to meet you, and to see what you look like, and hold/hug/kiss you for...well, forever. We've been waiting for when you are ready, we'll be here with open arms. And although I may look tired/angry/like crap when you first see me, know that:

#1: I'm bursting with joy to meet you, and hold you, and love you (oh, and NAME you). And,
#2: I look much better with some hairspray, makeup, and after a little rest. ;-)



Kim said...

Wow! That is so exciting! And Jen, you look amazing! Can't wait to meet little Baby Girl Greffet via the blog (and hopefully eventually in person)! Good luck... I'll be thinking about you guys.

Bella said...

I'm so much bigger than you and not even 37 weeks. (insert sad face here).

This room is GORGEOUS! I want to live in it!! NIce job pretty lady :)