Monday, July 12, 2010

birds of a feather...

This was my Friday night, and it was super exciting...thanks for all of your help Care, you're THE best!

I’ve wanted to make a bird mobile like the one I showed in my inspiration post back in March. But I’m not a sewer so I was seriously contemplating buying some birds from etsy and crafting a mobile on my own. However, I had so much fabric left over from my embroidery hoop project, that I thought, I could certainly find a way to DIY these birds!

So although I’m no seamstress, I certainly am a hot-gluer (I don’t have any fingerprints to prove it!), so with some hot glue, fabric, stuffing, felt, buttons, ribbon, and a home-made template, I was all about it! Check out my flock:

I think this one is my fav...I love the green and pink color combo! Carey was totally my "sous-chef of crafting"! She basically matched up all the buttons and color combos, and stuffed and did whatever I told asked her to :)...AND she made flower hair bows that are seriously Ahhh-mazing! I can't wait to play beauty shop with them!

another fav...
I bought little beads for eyes but kind of liked them without because the fabrics are so busy…thoughts?!?

PS: I finally bought a quilt (on etsy, of course!) that should be arriving today…boo ya! I’m super excited so hopefully I love it as much in person as I do in the pictures…here’s a sneak peek!

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