Friday, June 11, 2010


AKA: "What to do when your child is sent home sick and you are nesting"

After you make sure he is taken care of and napping well (obv!), get busy washing, boiling, thoroughly sanitizing every part of every bottle.

Then, look at your storage. And think, “Who lives like this?! I’m a hot mess!” So remove all of the junk/miscellany (yes, this includes Easter candy that’s been hiding from Jack: gross!).

Clean, sanitize, reorganize the shelves and step back and admire your work…(also, realize that this will most likely not stay in such pristine condition, and that is ok).

Is it the silliest thing that this kind of stuff gets me excited?! Just like when we finally cleaned out what was just a large “throw-all” known as our 3rd bedroom, I find myself taking sneak peeks at the lovely, organized cabinets!

This also lead to more cabinet reorganization…ummm, nesting much! Hopefully, this can jumpstart a fun weekend of cleaning/organizing as the clock is ticking before baby girl comes along!
On a Jack note, the poor little guy has a fever and is not himself. Hopefully he can get plenty of rest and TLC this weekend...

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