Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pregnant & Random

Yesterday was officially 2 months from my DD (in real time, not pregnancy time because pregnancy time is all weird: you would think 40 weeks=10 months right [40÷10=4]? But no, not in Pregnancy time where 40 weeks=9 months because apparently a month is 4 1/3 weeks long not just 4 so its not a nice, even, round number…whatever, I hate math!)

Anyway, I got to thinking: only 8 more weekends until DD. And weekends are golden because it’s prime time to get the ‘To Do’s’ to be ‘To Done’! But Jack was like 3 weeks early so that makes me think she will be the same way…which makes me think: Holy hell I need to get stuff done because she'll be here before we know it and I don't even have the birdcage decor! (Because logically, her room would just not be livable without the birdcage decor!)

And then I came across this article that really stuck with me. It’s called Letter to A Pregnant Friend…and I love it…go read it. (Of course, I had to share it with my pregnant friend, Laura!) And I keep thinking about the line below and realizing that, “It is going to have to do, and the funny thing is, it will”…it may not all be my picture perfect, but it will be just right…and it will do.

There are going to be many, many days when you will not be able to do one single thing on your list of what needs to be done. The baby's needs are going to claim every living second of your time…You will think, "God! If I could only take a three-minute shower, I could cope," but there will be no chance for a three-minute shower…Maybe late tonight you will finally get to take your shower, and even brush your teeth. It is going to have to do, and the funny thing is, it will. (Anne Lamott)

Me (+baby) and Jack


Angela said...

You look fabulous!! Baby girl will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Boy (young man) Beautiful Momma! you do look fabulous!! It was great seeing you all last weekend...really makes me HATE the miles..Love you all. A.P. (pattie not peg)