Thursday, June 3, 2010


We’ve hit a few milestones this week…

For one, Jack received his first professional haircut! It was overdue! I was nervous because I didn’t think he’d sit still for the venture, but he was a champ! I think he was just enthralled with the handsome boy staring back at him in the mirror!

I was so proud and he looks so handsome with his new 'do.
Also this week, Jack finally went potty at school/daycare! He’s been “sitting on the potty” a lot, but when I asked if he went he always said, “I try, but it no work!” Well, it finally worked...YEAH! He went twice and everyone in his class (and at home) was very excited for him, think happy dances and M&Ms!

A smaller milestone, was reached last night as well: Jack ate Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s…3 of them to be exact! He’s never liked chicken before, and was always very clear with his McDonald’s order: cheeseburger with ketchup and French fries with ketchup and "a hamburger man" (aka: a Happy Meal toy). I know it seems like an insignificant thing, but if he’ll eat something new, it’s kinda a big deal! Or maybe he’s just as sick of McDonald’s burgers as I am!

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