Monday, May 17, 2010

Nursery (Part 2)

This weekend we made nursery progress! And by progress, I mean basically we cleaned out the bedroom. It was a disaster! Since we moved in, it has been used as a Computer room/Extra large storage closet/"If you don’t know what to do with it, throw it in that room" Room.

I am proud to say that the room is now (mostly) a clean slate! I love a clean slate. I’ve poked my head in the room every time I’ve passed it since it’s been overhauled because I’m so excited about the new beginning!

Side note: the peonies (poached from my Mom's) in my antique blue jar is the exact color scheme I'm going for in the nursery: light turquoise, pink, green...obsessed!

I gave the boys one job which was to reassemble the crib. They set to work, and for some reason doing a project for the boys means to do it without a shirt on (I don’t ask anymore…it’s just a boy thing). At this point, whatever gets the job done…and they did!

Yes, Jim is making the "Are you seriously taking a picture right now" face... : )

Crib setup…check!

I had the girls help me pick out the paint…hello Meadow Mist with an accent of Positively Pink from Lowes! I love it (right now). I’m an impulse buyer so I didn’t bother with buying multiple samples and testing (too many decisions is nerve-racking for an indecisive person), so I just took the plunge and bought me a gallon! (Note: I am fully aware I may regret this decision and end up repainting the room…)

So two "checks" down...about 100 more to go...that's progress right?!

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