Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jack and the monkeys...

One of our family adventures over the holiday weekend included a trip to the zoo. Jack LOVES the zoo and we’ve discovered that in the late afternoon, all of the animals seem to be at their active peek, so we enjoyed quite a show.
Check out what a difference a year makes! Here's Jack with Phil the Gorilla, a zoo staple since I was a kid. (Note: Yes, he is wearing the same shirt in both pictures, which is crazy considering how much growing this guy has done! It's one of my favorites, but I think this year it will have to be retired...for now!)

Here is Jack demonstrating his “new thing”: he always wants “Jus’ ONE more”, whether it’s “one more pet the goat!” or “one more book” or “one more Kung Fu Panda”…it’s almost too cute to deny...almost! ;-)

Jack loved to ride the train around the zoo, but one section must have been under construction so it was a long, dark tunnel (literally pitch black!). Needless to say, Jack was a bit scared. Good thing Daddy was there for protection, and Mommy was there with the camera!

Jack had much more fun in the light of day...

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