Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It’s been a busy week of packing, listing, checking off, double checking, writing hand-notes, stressing, triple checking…and I can fairly confidently say, that we are ready for vacation!

Bring on Orlando, the sun, the pool, h-o-t weather, and relaxing…I’m in need of a vaca! And it’s the perfect time for me: 26 weeks, so next week I will officially be in my third trimester! Crap, I need to start getting baby stuff done! But for now...just the relaxing part!
I’m hoping that Jack will be okay on the flight and not be nervous or scared…I think we’ve prepared as much as we can, and the rest is just out of our control, so C’est la vie!

I’m almost positive I’ll come back with a bazillion pics…and hopefully a nice tan! Until then, here’s a few pictures from our last trip to Orlando (back in the olden days of 2007)…

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