Thursday, May 20, 2010

my new(ish) chair!

Remember my chair?! The chair I rescued from the garbage and hauled down my street in the middle of the night because I saw potential?! Well, it’s finally done! It only took me like 3 months to slowly, but surely, finish the job!

So without further ado (3+ months is “ado” enough!), here’s my new(ish) chair…

It was rusty and in need of a fresh coat of paint, so my first step was to sand it down to a nice smooth finish and give it a coat of Rustoleum (in Almond). (Refer to “Funny Story” below.) Here's the rusty mess...

And now, after $16 worth of fabric and paint, I am perfectly happy with my new chair!

Now all I need is some spare time to relax and enjoy spare time! :-)
Funny story: I bought the brush-on Rustoleum paint rather than the spray. I painted it one day during Jack’s nap, so needless to say, I was up against the clock.

When I finished, I went inside to clean my brushes as I usually would: with water in the sink. As I squeezed my hand through the brush to remove the paint, I begin to realize that the paint wasn’t washing off as my interior latex would. I rubbed more and slowly began to recall that this is oil.based.paint! SH*T. I had no mineral spirits, my hand (and wedding rings), sink, and anything else I might touch are covered in Rustoleum, Jack would be waking up at any moment, and Jim was golfing so I was stuck, literally.

After minor panic, I grabbed a bottle of nail polish remover and doused myself made the best of it. And although I smelled as if I was combustible, I was mostly paint free.

Moral of the story:
Read directions (ironic that I didn’t seeing as my profession is WRITING directions!)…know what kind of paint you’re using…always have mineral spirits…and steal your neighbors discarded junk!

The end

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