Friday, May 21, 2010

Jack's going to be...

... a good big brother. I practically hold my breath in anticipation when he starts a sentence with, "My baby sister..."

He's been talking more and more about his "baby sister"...just last night he said he wanted to give his baby sister a pink motorcycle helmet. As random as that is, it makes me smile!

Apparently, he's been taking care of the baby dolls at school (even though when I ask him what he did with the dolls he says he played trucks with them...). Here's a note from one of his daily reports:

Jack's baby sister is a mover and a shaker! It's hands down my favorite part of pregnancy. She seems most active at night (or maybe I'm just more attuned then: aka, not completely preoccupied with life!). I'm 29 weeks, which according to TheBump is the size of a squash! That means only 11 more weeks to go!
I think for the next few months (or the rest of my life) I will have THIS song stuck in my head...

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