Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nursery (part 3)

More nursery advancements! It’s coming together, and with around 11 weeks to go, I’m glad to be finally making progress!

Color…check! Transformed into Meadow Mist! This was such a relief. A relief that it’s #1: done, and #2: I like/love it (my opinion changes depending on time of day, mood, lighting, etc). And fyi, the pics aren’t great examples of the true color because I’m a crappy picture taker and I they are taken at different times of the day…so if it looks too “In-Your-Face-Blue”, it’s not! *Refer to example below :-)
When Jim first brushed it on, I said “OMG I LOVE it! Don’t you LOVE it?”

…then I went back into the room 5 minutes later and complained, “I hate it. It’s too green or blue, or something. UGH!” and immediately wished I would have gotten sample colors.

Jim asked if I wanted to go get another color before he painted the whole room and I said, “No, paint everything and if I don’t like it we’ll just repaint it.” We did this with Jack’s room and I know that with enough paint, you’ll eventually find something you can live with!

Luckily, it’s growing on my everyday. And just like I did when the room was freshly cleaned out, I poke my head in every time I walk past it…and sometimes I walk past it just to poke my head in!
First DIY project…check!

A while back, I fell in love with Amy Butler’s LOVE Heart fabric collection. But seeing as I’m not a seamstress or anything close, I thought THIS project was 100% do-able for me. So I bought my fabric on Etsy. And after some careful/sloppy placement, glue, and patience, mission accomplished!

My fabric rings are done and I love them, but you can never see the backs of these because I’m too cheap to invest in a pair of good quality scissors, so it basically looks like it’s been chewed on by a dog. ;-) But that dog was me!

*Notice how different the wall color looks in the 3 pictures noted above, don't trust my picture taking skills! Focus on the project at hand!
Taken in the early evening:

Taken in the afternoon light:

Taken in the morning light:

Two more checks off the list. Yeah!

This weekend I hope to paint the dresser/armoire and rocking chair…oh I’m getting so ready for this baby girl to come visit me! Lila Grace? I’m just throwing it out there and thinking about it…I have the urge to start having things monogrammed!

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