Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have a problem...

Jack woke up at 2:30. That was not the problem.

After that, my mind was up and active, and all of a sudden, I remembered that my neighbor (3 houses down on the other side of the street) put out an adorable, vintage, white/rusty iron rocking chair. When I first saw it, I thought, "That’s cute." and went about my way.

But all of a sudden, at 2:30 in the morning, I HAD to have that chair. In my mind, I debated on whether I would repaint it a shiny new white, or leave the rusty-vintage look because it adds character. And then I thought about this outdoor chair cushion from Marshall’s that I’d been eyeing forever, but I’ve never had anywhere to put it.

I wanted that chair. I needed that rusty, old chair. I asked Jim if he would get it (since he was up ready to leave for work) and he said he would when he got home. But by then, I just knew someone else would take my treasure (probably the trash man!). I knew I could not sleep until I had it!

So, what’s a pregnant lady to do at 3 in the morning on a cold winter’s night when she cannot rest until she gets what she wants?

Well, I put on my ballet-flat slippers, my jacket, and walked 3 houses down on the other side of the street to get MY chair! I lugged it back, and felt an immediate relief that I could get some sleep for the night! Jim’s shock-and-awe look was followed by “What are you doing?!” as I politely asked him to move my new treasure into the garage on his way out. :)

Now, I can’t wait for Spring: when I can sit on the back deck in my vintage-rusty rocking chair. I’ll even throw in a glass of lemonade (which I’ve been drinking by the gallon lately!) to rest on my white Antique Mall side table from my mom! Perfect!

Note: I was going to take a picture of my new rocker, but neither 3 nor 6 AM seemed appropriate photo shoot times. I’ll post one ASAP!

PS: I wonder if I’ll still love my chair as much in the light of the day!?! Was it worth it?


Anonymous said...

I love you! Thanks for the chuckle; interesting craving to say the least...right now your cousin Kell is craving Waffle House pickles...but I'm guessing her neighbor hasn't put out any vintage furniture yet!!!
Glad you are feeling good...Love you bunches Aunt Pattie

Anonymous said...


You make me laugh! I saw that chair last night when I left your house and I was going to call you; but a car came up on my left and I forgot all about it! That's my girl!!!!
"Someone else's trash!" I taught you well...
I'm a proud momma! P.S. You should have NEVER lifted that chair by yourself!

janet said...

OMG...I did the same thing with an antique console sewing machine! My husband (after 35 years) just shakes his head and knows better than to comment.