Thursday, July 23, 2009

girls just can't do it!

I would like to preface this post by saying I believe that girls are just as good as boys. Like Obama said, "Yes we can!"...but in this instance, "No, we [women] cannot!"

What on earth am I talking about?!?! Well, please observe Jack here:

This is his favorite position: "Crouching Jackson..."

And he's always bee able to do it, like in this post when he's playing with Papa and hunkered down!

I don't know any girls that can squat like this: flat-footed (this is the key...heels must be flat to the ground), down in the sitting position...

I have a hard time being told that I cannot do something ("No" is definitely not a word I like to hear!), but I've tried and tried to recreate this and I just's a boy thing! I've come to terms with the cold, hard facts of life!

Don't believe me? You try...right now, male or female, boy or girl: hunker down in Jack's favorite position and tell me if you fall over! Have your friends and family try and let's get to the bottom of this debacle!
And ps girls, it doesn't count if you're wearing heels...apparently that's cheating!


Kim said...

Don't freak out, but Jack might be slightly Asian. I'm not kidding... I see Korean people (men, women, kids) in that position for extended periods of time ALL THE TIME HERE! Like just hanging out with friends, playing cards... all of them squatted down in that position. Looks painful to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Yea... i totally tried it, and cannot do it! Impossible.