Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make my (Tues)DAY

Sooo….last night was rough. But it wasn’t one of those rough nights when I woke up this morning crabby and so tired, thinking, “Didn’t I just lay down?!”. I woke up with a smile…literally. Jack rocks my world!

At 1:30ish Jack was restless. (I immediately blamed Jim for picking out the lizard pj’s–shorts and a short-sleeved shirt–because it always seems to get so cold at night. )

Anyway, Jack didn’t want to go back down to sleep and even when I resorted to my last-stitch-effort of (gasp!) bringing him into our bed, he thought it was playtime! So after an hour (or so) I put him back in his crib and let him whine.

I must have dozed off, and next thing I know, my little man is running in my room saying, “Mommy, Mommy, pathi*, pathi!” WTH! “How did you get out of your crib, Mister!”

Yes, ladies and gents, Jack is our “climb-out-of-his-cage/crib monkey man”! So when I realized that I wasn’t dreaming, I got out and he lead me into his room where he proceeded to get on the ground and try his hardest to reach under his crib to get his paci!

Once we successfully procured this, he was back in bed with Mommy and managed to remain calm. (After jumping all over the bed, playing with my cell phone, cracking me up!)

So, 5:30 rolled around and I woke up with a smile, thinking, “Was that a dream…?” and then I saw Jack snuggled next to me (for a little guy, he sure takes up a lot of bed!). Every once in a while, you need a momentous night of crib-climbing, bed-jumping, and Mommy/Jack-Jack-snuggling to remind you what it’s all about!

* pathi = paci = pacifier (And no, he doesn’t have a lisp, that is my best attempt to mimic his break-my-heart, little voice in writing!)
PS: I think it's about time to switch to the toddler bed...just the thought makes me shutter!

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