Monday, July 20, 2009

Back in the Lou!

We had a nice trip to the Ozarks with the Greffet family. It's always hard to come back to the real world after a trip, but we do have Table Rock to look forward to next week (all week long)! For now, here's a few pictures from our mini-vaca!

Here's me and Jack on his first boat ride ever! (I don't think Jim did a sufficient job capturing the "death-grip-hold" I had on Jack...but it was there!!)

And Jack checking out the view from his room! Every morning we got to wake up to Jack saying, "Boat! Boat!"
COUSINS! (Love to see these two play together...)
Here's Ava playing in the pool...she was more than happy to keep Jack entertained: by chasing (I mean, lapping) him around the condo, giving him snacks, sharing her Hannah "Batana" doll...couldn't be cuter!
And here's 3 Generations of Greffet men: Jack, Jim, and Mark...Jim, I don't care how often you get made fun of for your sweet has sentimental value and I like it! :)

Finally, here's Jack riding on Daddy's it!!! Except for the fact that Jack kept pinching Jim's neck, and because Daddy kept saying "OW" Jack thought it was hilarious and continued to pinch! (I tried my hardest not to let either of them see me laugh!)
Much more to come...Happy Monday!

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