Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zoobilee Zoo!

Here are a few photographic gems from our trip to the STL Zoo. I love the zoo, and it's free! We are officially Zoo-Goers (thanks, Nani!) so we get a summer full of train rides, trips to the Children's Zoo, and plenty of shows!
And here we are in from of the STL Zoo sign...total tourist alert!
Jack's favorite part was looking at the monkeys...
But he was a bit scared when it came time to take a picture with this monkey (see how he's clutching my shirt for dear life!)
Besides the monkeys, he had so much fun with Nani...she's the bees knees!
Oh how they have fun together!
Riding on the "Choo-choo!" (ps: I totally got busted by the train police for hanging out the side of the train to snap this!)
And what kept him so enthralled here? The prarie dogs! But wait...

I think there's something wrong with that prarie dog! (It's okay, PETA, he was just napping!)

What a day!

(Does anyone get the reference in my title to Zoobilee Zoo?!?! It rocked my world back in the day! Do you remember the theme song like I do?)


Angela said...

I LOVED Zoobilee Zoo! That was one of my favorite shows. It was a little weird now that I think about it!

Anonymous said...

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