Monday, July 6, 2009

I need a ketchup day!

I haven't caught up from the fun-busy, long-but-too-short weekend...and though I promise I will, here's a few pictures from last weekend...

So much more to come this week...including:
  • our trip to the St. Louis Zoo
  • our trip to The Magic House
  • the bad habits Aunt CC is teaching Jack (which are pretty hilarious...videos to come!)
  • and most likely, a few pictures!

Sidebar to my peeps

• Aunt CC and Uncle JJ are on their Honeymoon in HOLA lovebirds! Miss you already!

• Today is my Aunt Pattie's 25th Birthday! We're sending our kisses to you in Florida, Aunt Pattie, xoxo! (ps: I'm not wearing chipped/ugly fingernail polish!)

• My Aunt Peggy is leaving this week for Tanzania (and yes, I did have to look up where, exactly it is located!) safe travels and much love!

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