Monday, March 2, 2009

We're Officially Homeowner's!!!!!

Yes, it is finalized...Jim and I are now the proud owner's of our lovely home on Dandridge Drive! We're so excited and anxious to get started with the whole process...painting, decorating, renovating, and (ugh) moving... We are taking volunteer notices for those of you who like to spend your weekends doing heavy lifting!

The closing went well...Uncle John and Jennifer we're awesome throughout this whole process. They were patient and explained everything since we had no idea what to do...the only hitch with the actual closing was that we had to sign ALL of the paperwork...TWICE! Note: When signing important documents, always sign your full name; "J Greffet" doesn't cut it!

Painting begins this weekend. I see plenty of trips to Lowe's in our future...goodbye West County mall...hello home improvement store!

We'll post pictures and/or videos once we have something cute to show (besides our adorable Mr. Jack!)...

More to come soon

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