Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I saw this survey on Hope Studios blog and thought it was if you want to know "more than you wanted to know" about me...

I am: Jack’s Mom/Jim’s wife/Laura, Bill, & Herb’s daughter/Carey’s sister
I think: I’m ready to get organized
I know: I’m too tired to get organized
I have: the smartest son!
I wish: that I should be so lucky to have more kids like him
I hate: celery, grape candy, being cold, when Jack is sick
I miss: college days
I fear: being hurt
I hear: clicking keyboards and the flaming lips
I smell: tanning lotion
I crave: almond M&M’s
I search: Etsy for the perfect gifts (and because I love it)
I wonder: what it would be like to take my time
I regret: that I rushed through college (and everything) too quickly
I love: Jim
I ache: from moving all weekend
I am not: creative or crafty
I believe: that it will all be okay
I dance: at weddings…and don’t care if I’m bad
I sing: in my car and to Jack
I cry: easily
I win: everyday, when I get to be with Jack
I lose: everyday, when I have to leave Jack
I never: want to go on a roller coaster (EVER)
I always: want to make my mom proud
I confuse: time together for quality time
I listen: to Jack snoring on the monitor and Jim snoring in bed (oh those genes...)
I can usually be found: somewhere
I am scared: to go into the basement alone at night
I am excited: about Carey’s wedding
I need: a vacation
I am happy about: my family
I imagine: what it will be like when Jim doesn’t have to work at 3 am and we can actually spend quality time together

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