Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Date Night!

Jim and I are officially an old, married couple! This past Saturday, we had a date night...don't get any ideas of a romantic dinner or a show...we had a painting date. That's right, we've officially started work on the house, and we rocked through painting to get most of it done by Sunday night!
Neither of us had any idea how long this would take or what to expect. Needless to say, we underestimated the scope of our first little project! We started in the basement, which is COVERED with wood paneling that we painted white. The basement alone, took us all day Saturday, with the help of Mom and Herb painting, and Carey who was in charge of entertaining the Jack-man (or vise-versa)!
Then Jim and I went back to the house Saturday night to tackle 2 bedrooms. I had SO much fun (really) was something fun and new, and it was our home! Jim, on the otherhand, not so excited about it all. We finished both rooms by midnight, and then cruised by Taco Bell for a very late dinner.

The next morning I was still in the painting mood, (and thus, Jim was thrust into the painting mood) so we went back to tackle the living room/dining room/main hallway! This time, Carey and Dad were helping with their brushes and rollers, while Herb continued in the basement, and Mom took care of Jack!

Apparently, it takes a village to paint our little house! But overall, it was a successfull venture! And the house looks cute so we're happy! Here's a few pictures from the weekend:
The basement BEFORE (ew!): Jim taping the basement:
The basement AFTER (what a difference! Don't worry we promise the splash some color down here!): Jack's room (I'm still debating on the color: Something Blue): The dining room (color: Simplify Beige):
And here's a few of Jim, pretending to enjoy the painting party!
Can't wait for demo and remodeling this weekend! More to come....


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